LOOP Pressed Juices

Label Design, Print, Marketing

When working on this passion project, the intention was to create a bottle label that was more accessible to viewers, and a design that was more geared towards the target audience. LOOP has many different products that contain many different ingredients, and my goal was to showcase those key elements.

Deliverables: Label redesign, Logo redesign
Company: LOOP
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

A LOOP Mission

LOOP promotes the use of rejected food, and giving back its value by transforming them into different products.

New Logo? Same Brand.

LOOP recycles rejected food and transforms them into pressed juices. Furthermore, the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle, was the main message I had when creating their logo.

Original Logo

The font was changed to the serif font Lust Display to give the impression of an organic look and feel, compared to the previous sans serif font. In addition to the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle, adding 3 splatters to the top right corner of the letter P is an abstract form of that message, while also promoting the product of juice.

Because the end products of their juices are very brightly coloured, having the logo in the colour of a red-pink matched that same brightness and happiness LOOP promotes within their brand.

Redesigned Logo

Get in the LOOP!

When creating the labels, I had created a concept from the sketches, a concept from what was more trendy, to another concept of what felt more like a juice company label.While they each have a different layout, the illustration was the most important element of each label.

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Concept 2

Keeping it Consistent!

The original logo and packaging of the beverages from LOOP were all different. With a changing logo in each drink, it can cause confusion to identify the official logo of LOOP and their drinks.

Instead, I replicated one of their logos on their website and kept that logo consistent throughout the different packaging labels. Furthermore, I changed the labels to be more accessible. I took out the reverse text they have used and added in illustrations of the key ingredients within their pressed juices. This will make it easier for customers to identify the main ingredients that specifically want.

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