Disappearing Bees

Infographic, Print, Marketing

The purpose of this passion project was to redesign an old infographic that I created, and to design it to be more visually appealing and accessible while getting the message across to viewers.

Deliverables: Infographic redesign
Company: NA
Software: Adobe Illustrator

Creating the right Layout

When working within Adobe Illustrator, the biggest challenge was trying to figure out how I was going to layout all the text within the page. I tried landscape and portrait mode and visioned how everything was going to fit with one another.

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The top 3

After 3 potential layouts were created, it came down to the final decision 

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The final Decision

After several revisions and different layouts, the final layout for the infographic was chosen. The new and improved design of the infographic is now more accessible, visually pleasing, and it has a stronger typographic hierarchy.

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