Dumpling? Dumpling!

Logo Design, Print, Marketing

The purpose of this passion project was to redesign a current logo that exists today. The overall goal of the project was to create a new and improved logo that fit the company's values and their theme. The company's logo I chose to redesign was Dumpling? Dumpling!

Deliverables: Logo redesign, branding
Company: Dumpling? Dumpling!
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Finding the Right One

When picking the sketches that best represented the company, it was time to outline them in Illustrator. Seeing the logos become vectored made it easier to pick the final concept.

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The Final Design

The steps that I had to take to get to the final decision were sketching a lot of variations of dumplings, deciding which one best fit the theme of togetherness, deciding on the colour palette, and then putting it all together.

As it was quite the long process to get to the finish line, each step was crucial in creating the new and improved logo. When reflecting on the process of the overall logo, I’m very happy with the choices I made in creating the logo that represents the restaurant at best.

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